Encouragement and Inspiration

Christian articles that will encourage and inspire you to remain anchored in Christ and grow closer to God as He helps you to spiritually mature and transition into the spouse He knows you can be.


What Are You Thinking?

The Unveiling Of Your Spouse

Trust In The Promise

Matching Apples to Oranges Won’t Work!

Overcoming the Hurt of Betrayal

Go for the Gusto and Don’t Lose Steam!

Small Things Matter

You’re All in, But Him, Not So Much

It’s Just So Unfair!

Don’t You See It?

Do Not Doubt What God is Doing In Your Life

What Happens When We Say Something Different from What God Says

Don’t Miss God’s Best

She’s Made ‘Doubt’ Her Friend and ‘Faith’ Her Enemy

The Toad Doesn’t Always Turn into a Prince

Red Flags and Flashing Lights

Jesus Christ Has Given Me the Keys

Dust It off and Keep It Moving

Centered on Christ

Train Your Mind for Victory

No Point in the Look-Back

He Will Do the Rest

God’s Contagious, Ever-Abiding Love

Training in Godliness

Everyone Had Just Enough‌

Are You Ready to Hit the Reset Button?

Shine Bright This Holiday Season!

How Can One Be Warm Alone?

Get Back Up and Get It All Back!

Stand in the Uniqueness of YOU!

His Eyes Are Always On Us

Perfect Love Will Never Disappoint

Not by Faith Alone

The ‘Wandering’ Syndrome

The Constant Fight

No Pity Party Here!!!

What Are You Thinking?

The Amount You Give

Running In The Opposite Direction of Your Blessing

A True Friend Indeed

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Turn from Your Past and Usher in A New Joy!

Always on Top and Never at the Bottom

Refresh for Your Marriage Resolution

“It’s Just So Unfair!”

God Gave Him To Me!

Kingdom Royalty

Feeling Like You Don’t Deserve Better

You’re All in, But Him, Not So Much

When His Love Is No Longer There