Spiritual Preparation for Marriage

Christian teachings and articles that provide wisdom and Godly advice regarding spiritual preparation for the union of marriage.


Learning to Pace Yourself

When No One Is Watching

‘Hurry Up’ Mode

Making the Right Decisions and Choices

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Don’t Break His Heart

Was That Really You Lord?

Increasing Your Capacity to Love

3 Answers that Prove You’re Ready for the Blessing

Actions and Consequences

What to Do to Keep Him

A Habit Pattern of Real Love

The Three ‘Cs’ of Spiritual Promotion

Three Ways to Avoid an Emotional Tailspin

Good Enough to Date, But Not Good Enough to Marry

When Our Relationships Are Torn Apart

A Confident Spouse

The Covenant of Marriage

The Power of Your Thoughts

A Union Ordained and Blessed by God

Is There A Formula To Meeting Someone New?

On My Own Terms

Building Love and Keeping It Strong

New Opportunities and Connections, Don’t Let’em Slip by

The Juggling Act

Train Your Mind for Victory

Revved Up Emotions Can Be Costly

“I Don’t Think I Will Ever Get Married”

Loving Someone Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Right Shoe, Wrong Fit

A Woman with Standards

Ouch…This Hurts Too Much!

What NOT to Do When the Relationship is New

When God Reroutes You

Dangling A Low Hanging Fruit

The Pay-Off of Sacrifice

Saying the Right Words Can Save Our Relationships

Squeezing Fear Out of Your Relationship

Six Degrees of Separation

From Lonely to Coupled

Keep A Watchful Eye

Give God Something to Work With

Are You Expecting Him to Bring His “A” Game?

Undercover Love

When God Blesses You with A Good Thing

The Right Fit

Love Fulfills the Requirement

The Unveiling Of Your Spouse

In the Face of Weakness

If You Can’t Perceive It, You Can’t Have It!

With God’s Blessing, Go Ahead and Marry

Bounce Back from the Sting of Criticism

Once the Swelling Goes Down

Jewels of Truth

Put Your Words on A Diet

“Was That Really You Lord?”

The Pruning Process

Instant Love

Climate Control

Some Things You’ve Gotta Keep to Yourself!

Getting Back to Square One